Valet parking at Frankfurt Airport - Business or private

What is Valet Parking?

With the PARKMICH Valet Service, you save yourself the hassle of looking for a parking space and you can therefore travel without stress! Our staff will pick up your vehicle directly at the terminal and park the car at Parkhaus Platzhirsch in Kelsterbach.

How does Valet Parking work in Frankfurt?

With the PARKMICH Valet Service, you can park cleverly without having to look for a parking space. Upon departure, the keys are handed over directly at the terminal of Frankfurt Airport. We will then park your vehicle at our video-monitored Parkhaus Platzhirsch in Kelsterbach and bring it safely back to you on your return.

Why should I use Valet Parking?

PARKMICH Valet Service is convenient, practical, time-saving, inexpensive and, above all, safe! Your car will be parked for you near the airport and you start your trip from Frankfurt Airport with a handful of benefits.

How much does Valet Parking cost at Frankfurt Airport?

Valet parking at Frankfurt Airport is not only convenient with PARKMICH, but also inexpensive. For one week of parking including stress-free arrival and departure you pay only 110€.

Your parking service at fraport - convenient, practical, affordable and safe:

We take over your vehicle directly at the terminal and our specialized staff will bring it to one of our PARKHAUS PLATZHIRSCH in close distance to the airport. Of course, these transfers are insured by us. Besides the time saving, the comfort and the appropriate security for your vehicle, PARKMICH offers further additional services for your car. You can book these conveniently.

After receiving your vehicle, you will be issued an authorisation When you return, simply hand it over to our employee at the terminal and retrieve your vehicle. It could hardly be faster and more convenient.

Clever parking.
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