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  • Schwabe Autoglas

    For more than 30 years your specialist in autoglas for cars, trucks and mobile homes

  • Since 1981 the founder of the system has already been active in the field of autoglas and was one of the first in Germany to focus on mobility in this area. At the same time, the second service area was created: Schwabo Autoglas with specialization in windscreen wholesale and vehicle glazing. Based on the market, the concept to develop specialist companies for autoglas with assembly stations close to the customer was formed in 1993. Since 1994, the model of franchising has been applied in Schwabo Autoglas. The pilot phase began with an assembly station in Balingen, today it is the nationwide expansion of the partner network.
  • Windshield chip repair

    What to do when your windscreen got a chip or is broken?

    Immediately after discovering the stone impact, it should be glued with the special Schwabo Autoglas stone chip sticker. This prevents the penetration of water and dirt particles. After that, the stone chip repair must be carried out as soon as possible by specialist personnel. Stone chips with a larger crack formation must be examined on site in order to decide whether a repair is possible. The damage pictures and the extent of damage can be different:

    1. Crowfoot: Repair might be possible
    2. Cow's eye: repair quite possible
    3. Crowfoot with crack: A repair is not advised
    4. Combination: Repair might be possible
    The repair usually takes about 45 minutes. The costs for the repairs are taken over by most insurance companies in case of partial cover without deduction of the deductible!

    Stone impacts in the field of vision may not be repaired according to the StVo report, since possible distortions and light reflections can occur in the case of vehicles coming into contact with the vehicle.

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